Best Time To Go To Brisbane Australia

If you have never been before, how do you know the best time to go to Brisbane?

When visiting Brisbane, sometimes you can choose when you visit and sometimes you get no choice with the timing.

Either way it can be really handy to know what to expect during the month you plan to stay in Brisbane.

Simply pick the month you are visiting or plan to visit to find out more.

Best time to go to Brisbane Australia

Click on the month to find out more details

  • January - Summer holiday time in Brisbane and Australia Day celebrations
  • February - Summer Not school holidays!
  • March - Autumn Easter & school holidays can fall in this month
  • April - Autumn Easter & school holidays can fall in this month. ANZAC Day
  • May - Autumn No School or public Holidays - Paniyiri Greek Festival!
  • June - Winter Queen's Birthday Holidays & School holidays late in month
  • July - Winter School holidays early in month
  • August - Winter EKKA Brisbane Show
  • September - Spring Riverfire and RiverFest time School Holidays mid to late month
  • October - Springtime School holidays early in month
  • November - Spring The calm before summer!
  • December - Summer Start of major school holidays, Christmas and New Year celebrations

When trying to decide when to visit Brisbane there are lots of questions and considerations...

What will the weather be like?

Are there any events in Brisbane when I visit:

  • Events I'd like to attend, watch or participate in?
  • Events I'd want to make sure don't clash with my trip or holiday?
  • Events in locations that might make a difference to where I choose to stay in Brisbane?
  • Will it be busy? Will it be school holidays? Which Brisbane attractions will be busy?
  • Are there any public holidays and what will be open or closed?
  • What are the best activities to do at this time of year?

Your luck is in... we have researched & written our thoughts down so you can choose the best time to travel to Brisbane.

January - Summer May - Autumn September - Spring
February - Summer June - Winter October - Spring
March - Autumn July - Winter November - Spring
April - Autumn August- Winter December - Summer


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Best Time To Go To Brisbane

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